Jerry Roxas - San Diego, CA

Photographer & Business Consultant

Jerry Roxas is a professional, published photographer and a seasoned, executive level business consultant with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong background in information technology and software development. As a professional photographer, he has been hired over 700+ times in San Diego alone, photographing everything from Amazon products, engagements, corporate events and weddings. As a business consultant, Mr. Roxas is a firm believer in agile methodologies, and is a Certified Scrum Master. Mr. Roxas’ senior management roles include being charged with overseeing the day to day operational functions of organizations, managing the IT infrastructure, technical support, software development and customer service processes.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Roxas has co-founded and sold multiple companies in the financial services industry, specializing in the acquisition, servicing and sale of distressed consumer debt portfolios. He co-designed and developed a proprietary pricing model and loan servicing application that were key factors in raising over $150 million in working capital and lines of credit, and he has been directly involved in the purchase and sale of over $3.5 billion in consumer debt. Since 2015, Mr. Roxas has applied his business accumen to developing a successful, full scale, full service photography and videography studio, employing 8+ full and part time staffers.

Formerly stressed. #QuadrupleBypass, #Cabbage and #Cancer #survivor. Now focused on #minimalism and living a healthier, more spiritual life, because it matters!