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Jerry and I met 5 years ago while employed by the same organization – me in sales and he in all things IT related. Fast forward 4 years and we decided to combine our respective skills into a company dedicated to supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs in America. During my entire association with Jerry, I’ve been impressed, not only with the professionalism he brings to the table, but also with his enormous capacity for work. Simply stated, Jerry gets things done – with the highest quality and on time. One further factor ranks high in my evaluation of Jerry. Most individuals with his background and skills tend to be introverts, preferring friendship with a computer over those with people. Jerry is the opposite, as demonstrated by his wide circle of friends, his support of his college and fraternity and the manner in which he interacts both in business meetings and sales presentations as well as in technical discussions. As a partner and a friend, it doesn’t get any better than that.
Jerry was an absolute pleasure to work with. He met business needs and exceeded our expectations. I can not recommend Jerry and his team at MyDigiBrand enough.
I’ve worked with Jerry on both sides of the table: from providing him with highly qualified resources for projects, to placing some of the endless amounts of talented individuals he has access to. In either case, Jerry has proven time and time again to always be keenly aware of what the business requirements are, and always focused on achieving his desired outcome. He is one of those unique individuals who not only has a firm grasp of technological concepts and management techniques, but also a very strong understanding of business needs and corporate objectives. This well rounded experience makes doing business with Jerry a highly productive and enjoyable experience each and every time. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with him for years to come.
You can read all the other recommendations about Jerry on linked in and get the idea that Jerry is highly professional, a leader, a mentor, organized and dedicated. So, I’ll second all the other recommendations, but won’t bore you with the repetition. What I will tell you is a little different. I’ve been impressed with Jerry’s ability to stay positive in even the most challenging situations, to take curve balls in the work place and continually hit home runs, and to tirelessly work until the desired result is achieved regardless of challenges, hurdles and unexpected delays. I always appreciated that Jerry never gave no as a complete answer, he always followed up with what the alternative options where and his best recommendation on how to move forward on a project. And no matter what project he took on, he considered how he could help someone else on his team grow and learn something new. Lastly, he regularly consulted his network and other managers and executives in the company for ideas on the best way to solve a large operational or management problem. To me that shows that he respects team work and is willing to accept other people’s ideas before coming up with his solution.
Jerry is the epitome of professionalism in all aspects of performing his duties. He has exceptional people-management skills – mentoring, coaching and developing new and young talent. Jerry gets the “big picture” and understands his role in it. He executes and delivers!
Jerry has been a mentor of mine for some time now. As an intern under him, he always takes time out of his work load to contribute to my growth and success. He challenges me on a daily basis to put myself in new and unfamiliar surroundings. He defies his limitations and continues to help the individuals around him along the way. I have been so fortunate to work under such an admirable superior.
Jerry is a great leader and a very knowledgeable individual. While i was an intern at Self Help Works i was consistently impressed by the information that Jerry shared with the interns and intern supervisor Jamie Manalili. He was able to explain very complex coding procedures and ideas, clearly, and made it easy for the less experienced interns to understand. Jerry is an individual that offers an endless amount of value to the people he interacts with and especially the people he works with. Out of all the people the people i have met in the business world, Jerry has been one of the people that really stands out the most and i feel he has contributed greatly to my future, my understanding of information technology and set a good example of how a business should be managed based on his actions. Thank you Jerry!
After more than 11 years in Software Development, I’ve had the experience of working with many project managers. Jerry is one of the best, he stays on top of requirements and deliveries, and maintains consistent communication. He develops processes and solutions rather than work-arounds. Jerry maintains professionalism in stressful times and is always a joy to work with.
Jerry has an acute eye for detail and a strong sense of excellence in all the work that he does. He’s quick to jump into a project and does an excellent job of leading from within to ensure excellence in the deliverable. I fully enjoyed working with Jerry and could always depend on him to take on complex, difficult and loosely defined projects and put together a great result. I’d definitely recommend him not only on his technical skill but also his business acumen and project management skill set.
As a co-founder and the VP of Information Technology, I worked closely with Jerry as part of the executive management team of ISG from the moment we opened our doors for business. As a self-funded start-up, we faced many challenges to build a successful business model. From the onset, Jerry remained a focused and dedicated leader, inspiring when needed and stern when required. As the face of the company, he was able to acquire financing for over $1.5 billion in asset acquisitions. And as an operations manager, he was successful at developing a culture where our staff consistently produced above industry standard results. Although we faced many challenges (as most start-ups do), Jerry continuously demonstrated his leadership skills and commitment to our goals in the utmost professional manner, having a direct impact on the success of our organization
Mr. Roxas developed a pricing model that helped the organization accurately predict the future value of charged off consumer debt portfolios. His ability to marry his technical knowledge with industry trends greatly enhanced our ability to purchase and sell over $1.5 billion in assets. Mr. Roxas has the unique combination of understanding and applying technology to real world business solutions.